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CPI Asia Automation Sales and Services, Inc.

Welcome to CPI Asia Automation Inc.

CPI Asia Automation Inc.  is a system integrator and a solutions provider and supplier for Pharmaceutical, Refrigeration, Boilers, Power Plant, Air Handling Unit (AHU),Waste Water Plant, Box plant, Packaging, weighing & Filling machines, Network & Data systems, wireless technology and telephony system and other related products & Control.

CPI Asia Automation Inc. is a full service automation system integrator and supplier.

CPI Asia Automation Inc. will design, fabricate, program, install, and support automated control and monitoring systems for manufacturing, material handling and OEM applications and built an exceptional reputation for delivering turn-key industrial automation solutions.

Control system modernization is the CPI Asia Automation's expertise as well as new installations from project conception through support and service.

CPI Asia Automation Inc. is equip with the best engineer and staff in the industry who work synchronously to give a remarkable service to our clients. Together with our business partners and suppliers or manufacturers, we guarantee a 100 percent quality for every products or items we deliver on your company's doorsteps.

Because at CPI Asia Automation, we want nothing but the best service for our customers' hard earned money.

At CPI Asia, we provide your solutions." -  mgt.