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Process and Instrumentation

Anderson Partlow charts /pens
AB Panel View
Industrial Monitors
Keypad HMI Displays

cp1h plc
cj1m plc
omron compact plc
Cold water deaeartion - Derox
Flex-Mix instant
Flex-Mix liquiverter
Flex-Mix processor
Control Valves
Electric Solenoid Valve
Homogenising valve - LW
Gaulin Mono-Block valve housing
District heating solutions - Compakva
Plate evaporator
Hot water deaeration - Derox+
Scraped surface heat exchanger
Chart Recorders
Controllers and Indicators
Videographic Recorders
Level Instruments
Distributed IO, In-Cabinet Block

Distributed IO, In-Cabinet Modular

Distributed IO, On-Machine Block

Distributed IO, On-Machine Modular

Die-Cast Aluminum Flip-Top Connection Heads
General-Purpose Connection Heads
Hazardous-Location-Rated Connection Heads

Cleaner's Locker APS
Deaerator - VFJ - VFN

Gasketed plate heat exchanger - Hygienic frames
Gasketed plate heat exchanger - Self-closing frames
Citect Scada Pocket
Monitor and Control Remote
Wall Mounting Electronic-Pneumatic Control Package
Powercell MTX Load Cells


Fully welded plate heat exchanger - Hybrid
Scraped surface heat exchanger - HDRT and HEXRT
High-pressure homogeniser Rannie 5 - Gaulin 5
High-pressure homogeniser Rannie 110T - Gaulin 110T
High-pressure homogeniser Rannie 185Q - Gaulin 185Q
High-pressure homogeniser Rannie 315

Pressure Transmitters
Process Instrumentation Networks

Gasketed plate heat exchanger - DuoSafety
Sanitary RTD Tri-clamp
Temperature Sensors

Sauce Filter 
Vacuum Packaging Machine

Tail Gas Analyzer